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Washington's Birthday


I found the following rant in my CD collection from 2003. This seems appropriate as tomorrow is Washington's Birthday and we are in the middle of the Presidental primary. Steven W. Allen is an author, speaker, and retired attorney:

I wonder how many remember why we have today off from work or school?
State and Valley municipalities seem to have forgotten, as not a single one has anything planned for Presidents Day. Originally designated as a memorial of Washington's birthday, the day has sadly dwindled from what it once was.
Some would argue George Washington's legacy is no longer relevant, yet had he not served as its leader, America as we know it would not exist.
Having recently written a book about George Washington and other founding fathers (Founding Fathers - Uncommon Heroes), I believe his contributions are more applicable today than ever before.
May we never forget Washington or any of the other men and women who shaped our nation. We owe them a huge debt for the freedoms we enjoy today.
I hope state and Valley municipalities will deem Washington worthy enough to honor with more than a paid holiday for employees next year.
Expensive and extravagant celebrations are not necessary; in fact, as a man who requested no funeral oration Washington would not want that, but his legacy should not be completely ignored.

You can find all sorts of books written by Steven W. Allen on his website: