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Dark Social: Understanding and Harnessing the Power of Private Social Sharing

Platforms used for harnessing the power of private social sharing.

Harnessing the power of private social sharing can significantly simplify your efforts to grow your customer base and outreach! By understanding and leveraging private sharing channels effectively, businesses can expand their reach, drive engagement, and foster trust with their audience.

What is dark social?

Dark social is a term used to mark all sharing of content through private channels like messaging apps or email. This makes it challenging to track its origin, hence the name. This phenomenon includes sharing via platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Snapchat, where conversations remain hidden. However, this accounts for a significant portion of online sharing, making it hard to ignore it! Especially since, unlike public platforms, private sharing allows for more intimate conversations, fostering trust and authenticity. For businesses, leveraging it presents unique opportunities for word-of-mouth marketing and reaching highly engaged audiences. So, companies can unlock new avenues for growth and engagement by analyzing them and tailoring content for private sharing.

The hidden power of dark social

Unlike public platforms, where content is often diluted by noise, dark social interactions occur in private, fostering trust and authenticity. By tapping into these private conversations, marketers can then extract invaluable insights into consumer preferences and typical behavior. This intimate sharing environment presents a unique opportunity to tailor marketing messages for maximum impact! So, to improve your approach to marketing, you need to understand the nuances of dark social and leverage it effectively. Encouraging sharing through private channels and creating content optimized for private sharing can amplify your brand's reach and engagement! Likewise, integrating this kind of sharing into broader marketing strategies can enhance overall campaign effectiveness.

Understanding dark social analytics

While tracking dark social traffic poses challenges due to its encrypted nature, various tools and techniques can help illuminate this hidden data. Marketers can employ URL shorteners, advanced web analytics platforms, or specific tracking tools to gather insights. Interpreting this data also involves analyzing metrics such as direct traffic, referral patterns, and engagement rates. By delving into these analytics, you'll get valuable information about current audience behavior and preferences. This deeper understanding enables them to refine their strategies, optimize content for private sharing, and target dark social audiences more effectively.

If you are struggling with this, you can rely on industry specialists to help you out. In the service industry, particularly the competitive moving industry, professionals can sometimes have a hard time reaching a broader audience and achieving customer turnaround. Luckily, moving companies can look for assistance from Movers Development. With their experience and unique insight, they will ensure that you can easily understand your analytics and properly guide your marketing strategy!

Building trust in dark social communities

In private conversations, authenticity and privacy are the name of the game, making it important to engage with users transparently and respectfully. One effective strategy is to showcase your expertise by providing valuable insights and information relevant to the community's interests. By sharing helpful tips, answering questions, and offering solutions to common challenges, you can position yourself as a trusted authority within the group. Likewise, actively participating in discussions and demonstrating a willingness to listen and learn can further enhance your credibility and rapport. It's also necessary to respect the privacy of group members and avoid overly promotional or intrusive tactics. Instead, focus on building meaningful relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Leveraging dark social for business growth

Businesses can amplify their brand's reach and engagement by encouraging sharing through private channels and creating content optimized for private sharing. Integrating dark social into broader marketing strategies also enables companies to connect with consumers on a deeper level, fostering loyalty and advocacy. Additionally, leveraging influencers and advocates within private networks can further extend your brand's reach and credibility. As such, embracing dark social as a key component of your marketing approach can lead to significant growth and success in today's digital landscape. Of course, social media and traditional advertising both come with pros and cons. So, it's best not to commit only to dark social advertising if you want your business to be successful.

Targeting dark social audiences effectively

Targeting dark social audiences effectively requires a deep understanding of their preferences and behaviors. For example, identifying key demographics that engage in private sharing is needed to tailor your messaging and content. Thankfully, by analyzing data from CRM software, businesses gain valuable insights into customer interests and interactions, allowing for personalized targeting. Leveraging this information, marketers can then put out content that perfectly resonates with users and drives engagement. In addition, collaborating with influencers and advocates within private networks can also help expand your reach and credibility. This way, businesses can connect with highly engaged audiences, build meaningful relationships, and drive growth.

Measuring dark social ROI

To make the best use of the power of private social sharing, you still need cold-hard facts backing you up. Here, establishing key performance indicators (KPIs), such as direct traffic, conversion rates, and engagement metrics, helps track success. Utilizing advanced analytics tools and techniques designed to capture and analyze dark social data can provide deeper insights, too. By correlating these metrics with business objectives and revenue outcomes, marketers can accurately calculate the ROI of dark social efforts. From there, iterating and optimizing strategies based on performance metrics allows businesses to refine their dark social marketing initiatives. Still, it's also important to consider the long-term value of dark socials, like brand loyalty and advocacy, when assessing ROI. This way, you'll have insight into all the tangible results and contributions of your efforts to your overall marketing success.

Ethical considerations in dark social marketing

There are some rules that must be observed if you want to make use of this kind of marketing! Respecting user privacy and obtaining consent before engaging in private conversations is paramount. Transparency and honesty are essential in all communications, making users feel respected and valued. Marketers must also be mindful of the potential for misinformation and rumors to spread within private networks. This makes taking proactive measures to verify information and promote accurate messaging necessary. Thankfully, upholding ethical guidelines fosters trust with audiences, enhancing brand reputation and credibility in the long run.

Leveraging the power of private social sharing

With the right strategies in place, harnessing the power of private social sharing opens doors to untapped opportunities for growth and success in today's digital landscape. After all, businesses can forge deeper connections with their audience by embracing the authenticity of private conversations.


National Day

Have you ever wondered what "Holiday" is it today? We all know the major holidays, but what about the little ones? When is National Pizza Day? How about National Coffee Day?

National Day makes it easy and let's you know what's special about today.

This is a great ice breaker for conversations.

Website Description

What if every week's happy hour revolved around a theme? As the world's fastest-growing viral marketing agency, we were already leveraging a buzzworthy holiday on the cultural calendar for our clients. We had crafted stories around Budweiser for National Drink Beer Day. We spread the word about Del Monte's iconic green bean casserole for Thanksgiving. And we were hot on the trail of some viral holidays for Meow Mix, Smuckers, Milk-Bone, Mercedes and Dr. Pepper.

Why were we using these holidays for our clients but not celebrating them ourselves - and why were we not spreading the love to all?

And so it was decided.

In spare moments in between pitching stories and scheduling interviews for clients, we built a beautiful website to share everything we were learning about these delightful daily holidays.

National Today


Vivaldi Browser

In the crowded world of web browsers, Vivaldi has emerged as a compelling alternative to the ever-popular Google Chrome. While Chrome continues to dominate with its speed and extensive features, Vivaldi offers a refreshing take with a host of unique features designed to enhance user experience, particularly for Macintosh users. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key differences between Vivaldi and Chrome and explore why Macintosh users should be excited to install Vivaldi.

Welcome Vivaldi

Key Differences Between Vivaldi and Chrome

  1. Customization Options
    • Vivaldi: Vivaldi is renowned for its unparalleled customization capabilities. Users can tweak almost every aspect of the browser, from the appearance of the interface to the behavior of tabs. The browser allows you to create custom themes, rearrange interface elements, and even create your own keyboard shortcuts.
    • Chrome: While Chrome does offer some customization options, they are relatively limited compared to Vivaldi. Chrome users can change themes and add extensions, but deeper interface customization is not as comprehensive.
  2. User Interface
    • Vivaldi: The Vivaldi interface is designed with power users in mind. It includes features like a sidebar (Web Panels) where you can pin your favorite websites or tools, a tab management system that allows for stacking and tiling tabs, and a quick commands menu for efficient navigation.
    • Chrome: Chrome's interface is clean and straightforward, designed for simplicity and speed. While this makes it accessible for many users, it lacks the advanced tab management and multitasking features that Vivaldi offers.
  3. Privacy and Security
    • Vivaldi: Vivaldi places a strong emphasis on privacy. It does not track your usage or collect data, and it includes built-in ad blockers and tracking protection. The browser also offers encrypted sync options for your data.
    • Chrome: Chrome has robust security features, but it is developed by Google, a company that relies heavily on data collection. Chrome tracks browsing activity to personalize user experience and advertisements, which raises privacy concerns for some users.
  4. Built-in Tools
    • Vivaldi: Vivaldi comes with a suite of built-in tools designed to enhance productivity. These include a notes manager, a screen capture tool, an email client, and an RSS feed reader. These tools are seamlessly integrated, reducing the need for additional extensions.
    • Chrome: Chrome relies heavily on extensions to provide additional functionality. While this allows for a high degree of customization, it also means users need to find, install, and manage these extensions themselves.

Tab Location
Users can setup Vivaldi so that it works best for them.

Why Macintosh Users Should Be Excited About Vivaldi

  1. Optimized Performance
    • Vivaldi is optimized to run efficiently on macOS, ensuring smooth performance and low system resource usage. This is particularly beneficial for users with older Mac devices who may find Chrome's resource demands too taxing.
  2. Native macOS Features
    • Vivaldi integrates well with macOS, supporting native features like macOS shortcuts, gestures, and touch bar integration. This makes the browser feel like a natural extension of the macOS environment.
  3. Enhanced Multitasking
    • The advanced tab management and tiling features in Vivaldi are a boon for users who need to multitask. You can view multiple tabs side by side, making it easier to compare information or work on several projects simultaneously.
  4. Privacy Focused
    • Macintosh users who are concerned about privacy will appreciate Vivaldi's strong stance on data protection. With built-in tracking protection and no data collection policies, Vivaldi provides a safer browsing experience.
  5. Customizable Workflows
    • For professionals and creatives who rely on their Macs for work, Vivaldi's customizable interface allows them to create workflows that suit their specific needs. Whether it's rearranging the interface for better accessibility or using quick commands to streamline tasks, Vivaldi adapts to the user's preferences.

Quick Commands

Quick Commands

Quick Commands in Vivaldi are similar to the functionality you see in LaunchBar. You activate Quick Commands and simply type the command you wish to use; instantly, it opens up the desired dialog or functionality. This provides a much faster way to navigate around the browser. Quick Commands can also be used for basic math calculations.

Vivaldi offers 197 actions ready for use when you type in the shortcut Command E.

Vivaldi Quick Commands


Vivaldi offers a robust alternative to Chrome, particularly for Macintosh users who value customization, privacy, and advanced multitasking features. Its seamless integration with macOS and efficient performance make it a compelling choice for those looking to enhance their browsing experience. If you're a Macintosh user seeking a browser that adapts to your needs and respects your privacy, Vivaldi is definitely worth a try. Download it today and explore the myriad ways it can transform your browsing experience.


Macintosh 8600/200


In the late 1990s, I purchased a Power Macintosh 8600/200 as my first PowerPC computer. I remember buying it through my company and getting a slight price break. I placed the order shortly after I started working there, and the CIO had to approve the sale because I was still a new employee.

This was one of my favorite computers. It was fun doing all sorts of video and graphic work. I did some programming, but most of the time, I was decoding VHS tapes and playing around with Photoshop.

When I left California, I donated the computer to Oakland Schools because I wasn't using it much and it would have taken up valuable space in my car. Fun fact: this is the only Macintosh computer I have ever parted with.

Here are some interesting specs from my computer:

Computer Specifications

  • 200-MHz PowerPC 604e microprocessor
  • 32MB of RAM, expandable to 512MB via 8 DIMM sockets
  • 256K level 2 cache on DIMM socket
  • Internal 2GB SCSI hard disk
  • Integrated Iomega Zip drive
  • Three PCI expansion slots compatible with PCI 2.0-compliant cards
  • S-video input and output connectors
  • Mini jacks for stereo audio input and output
  • 24-bit video input and output

Apple's Technical Information Library

If your profession demands a high-performance, expandable computer that's optimized for complex work with media and other demanding tasks, choose the Power Macintosh 8600/200 system. This high-performance computer includes built-in video-in and video-out capabilities in an innovative new design. It includes features that make it an ideal choice for in-house publishing, media authoring, and technical applications. And because its processor is mounted on a removable card for easy and inexpensive upgrade to faster processor cards (as available), you can protect your investment for the future.

The new tower design of the Power Macintosh 8600/200 provides incredibly easy system access for upgrades and servicing, new security features, and a built-in Iomega Zip drive for fast, easy storage or backup. In addition, built-in near-broadcast-quality video-input/output capabilities, high-resolution graphics, an AV-capable hard disk drive, a 12x-speed CD-ROM drive, and CD-quality stereo sound add vitality to professional projects and--with Apple's QuickTime software--make media authoring easy.

The three industry-standard Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) high-performance expansion slots on these systems let you customize them easily to meet your needs more precisely. You can find PCI cards for a variety of uses, including graphics, storage, and high-speed networking. And if you want to use your Power Macintosh 8600/200 to run MS-DOS and Windows applications as well as software written for the Macintosh, you can install a PC Compatibility Card from Apple in one of the PCI slotsÐand switch instantly between computing environments. In addition, connecting your Power Macintosh 8600/200 computer to an Ethernet network is easy because it includes both AAUI and 10BASE-TO connectors.

Today, more and more computer users are discovering the wealth of information and communications resources and opportunities offered by the Internet. The Power Macintosh 8600/200 makes it easy to get involved in this rapidly expanding community, because it comes with all of the software you need for easy Internet access.

The Power Macintosh 8600/200: exceptional performance for media authoring or any work with video, audio, or graphics--to enhance your creativity.


High performance

  • 200-MHz PowerPC 604e processor
  • Built-in Iomega Zip drive
  • Built-in floating-point processor and 64K cache
  • 256K level 2 cache on a DIMM
  • Built-in graphics acceleration

Communications and multimedia

  • 64-bit VRAM graphics subsystem
  • Two high-speed serial ports compatible with GeoPort and LocalTalk cables
  • 12x-speed CD-ROM drive
  • 16-bit stereo audio input and output
  • 24-bit composite and S-video input and output
  • Support for speech-recognition and text-to-speech capabilities
  • Optimized for QuickTime Conferencing software


  • Removable processor card allows easy upgrades
  • Three industry-standard PCI expansion slots
  • SCSI connector for hard disks, CD-ROM drives, and other SCSI devices
  • Internal expansion bays for additional storage devices (3.5-inch and 5.25-inch)


  • Includes 10BASE-T and AAUI Ethernet connectors
  • Supports Open Transport networking software (TCP/IP and AppleTalk)
  • Runs 680x0 Macintosh applications as well as applications accelerated for Power Macintosh computers
  • Reads Mac OS, Windows, MS-DOS, OS/2, and ProDOS floppy disk formats
  • Runs MS-DOS and Windows applications via optional PC Compatibility Cards
  • Comes with all of the software required for Internet access

System 7.5.5 software

  • Makes working with different applications consistent, so they're easier to learn and use
  • Allows easy customization of your Macintosh to reflect the way you work
  • Provides active assistance in learning new features with Apple Guide
  • Includes MacLinkPlus file translation software from DataViz

Ordering Information

  • Power Macintosh 8600/200: Order No. M5453LL/A

Power Macintosh 8600/200 computer with 32 MB of RAM, a built-in 1.4 MB Apple SuperDrive floppy disk drive, an internal 2 GB hard disk drive, an internal 12x-speed CD-ROM drive, an internal Iomega Zip drive, and a PlainTalk microphone. Includes keyboard and mouse; system software version 7.5.5 or later; Internet access software; complete setup, learning, and reference documentation; and limited warranty.

Optional Enhancements

  • GeoPort Telecom Adapter Kit: Order No. M5438LL/A
  • PC Compatibility Card Solutions
    - PC Compatibility Card with Pentium 100-MHz processor: Order No. M4092LL/A
    - PC Compatibility Card with 100-MHz 586 processor: Order No. M4091LL/A
  • Apple QuickDraw 3D Accelerator Card - Order No. M4333LL/A

Product specifications are subject to change. Check with your Apple reseller for the most current information about product specifications and configurations.


Personal Font Style Collection

Amadine, the intuitive vector graphics software, offers a plethora of features for designers and illustrators. However, one feature it lacks is a "Favorite" font section?a common convenience in many applications. But don't worry, there's a clever workaround to this limitation. By adding your preferred font styles directly to your Amadine library, you can access them with ease. Here's how to do it:

Creating Your Font Library

  1. Start by creating a new text field in your Amadine document.
  2. Apply your desired font and style to this text. Whether it's a bold header or an italicized sub-header, style it exactly as you would like it to appear in your projects.
  3. Select the styled text field and navigate to your personal Amadine Library.
  4. Right-click in the library window and choose "Add Object."

And that's it! You've successfully added a styled font object to your library.

Amadine Font Trick

Using Your Styled Fonts

Whenever you need to use your pre-styled fonts:

  • Open your Amadine Library and simply click on the font object you wish to use.
  • Drag and drop it into your project, and you're done!

This method is a quick and efficient way to add frequently used headers and sub-headers to your designs. It not only saves time but also ensures consistency across your various projects.

Why This Matters

In the fast-paced world of design, efficiency is key. By utilizing this simple trick, you can:

  • Reduce repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus more on the creative aspects of your work.
  • Maintain a consistent style throughout your designs, which is crucial for branding and professional aesthetics.
  • Speed up your workflow significantly, especially when working with text-heavy designs.

So, give it a try and see how this neat trick can enhance your design process in Amadine!


By The Way Bakery

If you have a sweet tooth and a love for delightful treats, BTW Bakery is a must-visit destination. Nestled in the heart of a charming community, BTW Bakery is renowned for its commitment to quality, flavor, and creativity. Among their array of delicious offerings, the Mini Cakes stand out as a unique and irresistible treat.

A Sweet Experience

At BTW Bakery, each Mini Cake is a masterpiece, crafted with the finest ingredients and a dash of love. These bite-sized delights are perfect for any occasion, whether it's a casual get-together, a birthday celebration, or simply a treat to brighten your day. The bakery's dedication to excellence is evident in every moist, flavorful bite.

Variety and Creativity

One of the standout features of BTW Bakery's Mini Cakes is the variety. Each mini cake is a testament to the bakery's creativity and passion for baking. From classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate to more adventurous combinations like lemon raspberry and caramel pecan, there's something to satisfy every palate.

Perfect for Sharing

Mini Cakes from BTW Bakery are not just a treat for yourself but also perfect for sharing. Their petite size makes them ideal for creating a dessert platter that will impress your guests. Plus, with their beautifully decorated designs, they add an elegant touch to any event.

A Commitment to Quality

BTW Bakery takes pride in using only the best ingredients. This commitment to quality ensures that every Mini Cake is as delicious as it is beautiful. Whether you're a long-time fan of the bakery or a first-time visitor, you'll appreciate the care and attention that goes into each creation.

Visit BTW Bakery Today

If you're ready to indulge in some of the best Mini Cakes around, visit BTW Bakery today. Their friendly staff will help you choose the perfect selection of treats to suit your taste. For more information and to see their full range of offerings, check out their website at BTW Bakery.

In the world of desserts, BTW Bakery's Mini Cakes are a standout choice. Treat yourself to these delightful confections and experience the joy that comes from biting into a perfectly crafted mini cake.


By The Way Bakery
We got these Mini Cakes as a special treat

Adorable individual size cakes are the talk of the town

  • Amy Cake... a delightful little bundt cake with sprinkles inside and out
  • Apple Cake... its spiral shape gives it a donut-like crust
  • Carrot Bundtlette... a seasonal favorite with a delectable white glaze
  • Lemon Poppy? a classic combination with a tender crumb
  • ?The Schnibbles- an over-the-top Devil?s food chocolate chip bundtlette
  • Whoopie Pie... creamy filling sandwiched between two chocolatey cake-like cookies


Neighbor Tree Removal

Inspired by the beautiful sky last week, I grabbed my GoPro Hero 9 to capture a time-lapse as our neighbors had some trees removed. The compressed video condensed the felling and shredding of two trees into a short, captivating sequence. The vibrant colors of the sky added a unique backdrop to the powerful act of transforming the trees into mulch.

GoPro Timelapse Stats

Resolution: 1080p
Lens: Linear
Format: Video
Interval: 0.5s
Schedule Capture: Off
Duration: No Limit
Timer: Off
Zoom: 1.0x
Bit Rate: Standard
EV Comp: 0
White Balance: Auto
ISO Min: 100
ISO Max: 1600
Sharpness: High
Color: GoPro


Sports Clips Haircut

Sport Clip Northborough

This past weekend, I was thinking of getting a haircut at a popular barber shop, Sport Clips. This national chain offers excellent haircuts with an MVP service that includes a haircut, steamed towel, massaging hair shampoo, and neck & shoulder treatment.

I've had a couple of haircuts here and have always been satisfied.

On Saturday, I opened my Sport Clips app to check the wait time at the nearby location. I was surprised to receive this notification about 20 minutes after the store opened:

Sport Clips Haircuts
Yup 5 house and 53 minutes.

From personal experience, I know that the wait time is quite accurate. Even if you go to the shop, you don't bypass the line. While some users may "drop off" the list, the 5-hour wait is about right.

The lesson here is that the best time to go is on a weekday. In the future, it probably pays to sign up early in the app, likely before the store opens.

On the average day, the wait can be up to 90-mins in this particular location. Other locations have about a 60-minute wait.


Color Kit

When it comes to design, color is one of the most critical elements that can make or break a project. Whether you're working on a website, a logo, or any other creative endeavor, understanding and effectively using colors can elevate your work to new heights. One tool that can help you master the art of color is ColorKit's Shades and Tints Tool.

What is ColorKit's Shades and Tints Tool?

ColorKit's Shades and Tints Tool is an online application that allows you to generate various shades and tints of any given color. This tool is perfect for designers, artists, and anyone interested in exploring the full potential of colors in their projects.

  • Shades are created by adding black to a color, making it darker.
  • Tints are created by adding white to a color, making it lighter.

Using this tool, you can easily create a color palette that ranges from the lightest tint to the darkest shade of your chosen color, giving you a comprehensive spectrum to work with.

Website Description

Color Blender generates color scales by mixing the shades between two colors. Enter a start and end color, and choose the number of blend steps, to reveal the stepped gradient.

Shades are a color's mixture with black, and tints are its mixture with white. Enter a base color, and choose the number of steps, to generate the set of shades and tints.

Color Kit


Amadine General Review

This week, I decided to revisit Amadine. I last looked at it back in 2019 when it was still in beta. You can read the Amadine Beta Review from February 1, 2019.

Amadine has a very simple interface that makes it easy to create vector images. If you need to make a quick vector, Amadine is the way to go.

Amadine Review

Eight Things I Learned

  1. EPS is not supported on macOS 14 Sonoma and later.
    You can't import or drag and drop any EPS image. However, you can convert the EPS image to SVG format and open it in Amadine.

  2. Clipboard Image Format
    When you select and copy an image, the images on the clipboard are in PNG format. You can paste the image into any other app, maintaining the transparent format.

  3. Export Formats
    Amadine export formats include: SVG, EPS, PDF, TIFF, PNG, and JPG.

  4. Icon Libraries
    Amadine includes 18 icon libraries: Basic Shapes, Animals, Architecture, Arrows, Doodles, Flora, Food, Hand-drawn, Leisure, Medicine, Music, People, Science, Simple Icons, Stains, Stars, Symbols, and Transport. My personal favorite is the Doodles library.

  5. Creating Custom Libraries
    You can add your own library by creating a new library using the Library Panel. Select an object on the canvas, then return to the library, right-click, and select "Add Object." If you have multiple objects selected, you may want to group them before adding them to your library.

  6. Importing Libraries
    You can import libraries, but they must be in the *.amdl file format, which you get when you export a library. The export/import functionality is a useful way to share libraries between users.

  7. Access to Image Resources
    Amadine has access to Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash. While other graphic software programs have stopped supporting Unsplash, you can still access it in Amadine.

  8. Clipping Masks and Image Fill
    Amadine has excellent support for clipping masks, but in some cases, the image fill is easier to manage. Simply select an object, add a fill property, click on the color, and then select the image tab.

In Summary

Amadine is a great application, and its simple interface makes it practical for everyday use. I highly recommend exploring the application to understand how it works.

Starting next week, I'll be blogging weekly about cool things you can do with Amadine. Be sure to check out this new series and see how this application can become a part of your macOS dock.



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