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January 31, 2021Facebook Friend RequestBe careful on accepting unknown requests on Facebook
January 10, 2021Warren E. Buffet EmailClass spin on the Advance-Fee scam
March 22, 2020Scammer BlasterReal Voice Message from Scammer Blaster?
November 3, 2019Total Access Network ScamDon't fall for the Total Access Network Scam
October 13, 2019Twitter Winning ScamThink you won on Twitter, think again
October 21, 2018 Bitcoin Extortion ScamIgnore emails that are trying to get you to send money to a bitcoin address.
April 8, 2018Palmco EnergyPalmco Energy Phone Calls
February 4, 2018Fake IRS are Still CallingFake IRS (240) 428-4213
January 14, 2018Asterisk Open Source PBXAsterisk Open Source PBX recommended by Scammers
October 22, 2017Spammers Calling as IRS AgentsAlways question the IRS when they call you. Make sure they are real.
October 1, 2017G-Shock Car Shock Promotion UpdateEmpty
July 23, 2017Government Grant ScamEmpty
December 24, 2016(716) 210-9393Empty
November 21, 2016mark.silberman78 spam emailsEmpty
November 28, 2015Keefer WomenEmpty
January 25, 2013Google Verification NumbersEmpty
February 27, 2012Miss. SaraEmpty
August 31, 2007Crystal DevelopmentEmpty
April 19, 2007Smart SpamEmpty
December 13, 2006System DoctorEmpty
November 27, 2006OEM SoftwareEmpty
November 3, 2006FunBenfit EmailsEmpty
May 1, 2006Contact the Paying BankEmpty
January 30, 2006SpamEmpty
December 27, 2005Robert G. AllenEmpty
August 19, 2004Sex4Nothing.comEmpty
February 20, 2004SpammersEmpty