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WhatsApp Scam

Logic isn't required when Sending Scam Messages

I recently got the following text message on my WhatsApp app:

Hello dear how are you doing today


Greetings, a woman came to our office with $200 to claim her car and her ATM card. We already found the truth now from the company's platform that you are not the one who sent it.

congratulations sir!!

I am Mr. James Ubah from California. I'm here to tell you about his winning donation. Rolls Royce car and ATM card loaded with a voluntary donation of $10,500,000 USD.

Please confirm your full details and her home address to me to avoid wrong delivery.

If you have received this information from another agent, please kindly inform me so that I can contact the second winner

Are you there

How anyone could not know this is a scam? None of it makes sense. Read it again.

Do you really think that a legitimate company would be using WhatsApp as a communication method to let you know of a winning?

Also who would ever get paid via ATM card? ATM card is a way to get your month not a credit card.



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