January 31, 2021

Facebook Friend Request

On Facebook, have you ever gotten a friend request from someone strange. Almost immediately after accepting the friend request, you get an instant message contact.

You may get an alert from Facebook, something like this:

Elizabeth Anthony

Ya. This person is a scammer. Probably looking to get some money.

Five Signs You Are Being Scammed

Someone recently signed up to Facebook and immediately decided to friend you. There's no post and their profile is pretty vague.

They are someone you don't know. How did they find you? Why did they find you?

They communicate via chat and they ask a lot of questions about you. Seems like they are phishing. For someone new, they certainly know their way around Facebook instant messenger pretty quickly.

Sometimes when you talk to them it seems you are talking to a bot. Hard to explain this, but some conversations are just weird and seem very odd. Almost if the questions were going through some loop statement looking for the proper flow.

If the account only has one photo of the person, they probably stole the photo from someone else. You should do a "reverse" image search on google to see if the profile picture matched anyone else.

Elizabeth Anthony?

Will the real Elizabeth Anthony please stand up:

Elizabeth Anthony Fake

The above is the results of the Google Reverse Image Search.


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