March 22, 2020

Scammer Blaster

Today I got a strange automation call from Scammer Blaster. I can't tell if this is a legitimate call or if someone is just waiting 800 number minutes while people are listening to this message.

This is the message that was left on my voicemail. This message repeats itself until the voicemail system disconnects due to length:


This is the transcript of the message from Apple's transcript service:

This is an important public service announcement.

There was a rise in scam calls impacting people around the world. Many of these scammers are directly funding terrorist organizations and in 2017 $16 billion were scammed from Americans. Much of this money is used to fund terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda and ISS to further hurt our neighbors around the world.

It is critical to report any phone calls from the scammers to the FCC or to the phone company of the scammer. You can use free carrier lookup tools to identify the carrier and then call or email the carrier so that the scammer's phone system is shut down. Most importantly if someone with a foreign accent claims to be the IRS, Social Security Administration office, Microsoft, Amazon, cash app or any other questionable source that generally doesn't call you immediately hang up the call and reported on our websites Scammer Blaster dot Com again that Scammer Blaster dot Com.

Knowledge is power, if everyone refuses to fall victim to these scams the scammer's revenue source will dry up and together we can get this problem significantly reduced.

Is it Real?

Scammer Blaster is a real site and they do good work to eliminate scam calls.

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