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Using Instant Send with Day One

Easy way to add a Journal entry

Are you a developer or tech enthusiast who loves to journal but struggles to find a seamless way to integrate it into your workflow? Look no further! LaunchBar's "Send to Day One" action is here to revolutionize your journaling experience. Let's dive into how this powerful feature can enhance your productivity and streamline your journaling process.

The Power of VSCode Journal and LaunchBar

As a developer, you're likely already familiar with Visual Studio Code (VSCode). But did you know you can use it as a powerful journaling tool? VSCode Journal allows you to jot down your thoughts, keep track of tasks, and even store code snippets for future use - all within your favorite code editor.

Now, imagine being able to instantly transfer these journal entries to Day One, the popular journaling app, with just a few keystrokes. That's where LaunchBar's "Send to Day One" action comes in.

Benefits of LaunchBar's Instant Send

  1. Lightning-Fast Transfer: With just six keyboard clicks, you can send your markdown text from VSCode directly to Day One. No more copy-pasting or switching between apps!

  2. Seamless Integration: LaunchBar acts as a perfect companion to Day One, allowing you to quickly back up your journal entries without disrupting your workflow.

  3. Markdown Support: Since both VSCode and Day One support markdown, your formatting remains intact during the transfer.

  4. Improved Productivity: By reducing the friction between writing and archiving your thoughts, you're more likely to maintain a consistent journaling habit.

  5. Flexibility: You can journal in VSCode whenever inspiration strikes, knowing you can easily send it to Day One later.

Three Things I Learned

  1. Title Matters: The first line of your journal entry becomes the title in Day One. Make sure it's relevant and descriptive.

  2. Hashtag Workaround: While you can't add tags directly through the "Send to Day One" action, you can use hashtags in your text as a workaround.

  3. Accessibility Breeds Use: Once you start using the "Send to Day One" action, LaunchBar makes it increasingly accessible, encouraging more frequent journaling.

Getting Started

To set up this workflow:

  • Select the text that you wish to send to Day One Journal.
  • Hit the Shift Key twice.
  • Hit Tab
  • Hit the "return key" at the "Send to Day One" (If Day One doesn't appear Select Actions and then "Send to Day One.")


By leveraging the power of VSCode Journal and LaunchBar's "Send to Day One" action, you can create a journaling workflow that seamlessly integrates with your development environment. This setup not only encourages more frequent journaling but also ensures your thoughts are safely backed up in Day One. Give it a try and watch your journaling habit flourish alongside your coding projects!



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