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The Woods Apartment Complex

Cable Video from 1998

In the ever-evolving landscape of media consumption, it's fascinating to take a trip down memory lane and revisit how we engaged with technology in the past. One such journey takes us back to April 27, 1998, when I made a video recording of the "Woods Apartments Complex" cable channel in San Jose, California. Living in this complex until 2002, I witnessed firsthand how cable television was a cornerstone of entertainment and information for many households.

The "Woods Complex" Cable Channel

In 1998, the "Woods Complex" had a unique setup where all the apartments shared a single cable line. This setup was quite different from today's individual subscriptions and on-demand streaming services. Channel 3 was the basic information channel, serving as a hub for residents to access essential information, from channel lineups to pricing details.

Channel Lineup and Pricing

The video I recorded provides a glimpse into the channel lineup and pricing for cable services at the time. Basic cable in 1998 cost $26?a figure that might seem modest compared to today's prices, but it was a significant part of the monthly budget for many families back then. The channel lineup featured a mix of popular networks, local stations, and niche channels that catered to various interests.

A Snapshot of 1998

Reflecting on the video, it's clear how much has changed in the world of media and technology. In 1998, cable TV was the primary source of entertainment for most households. Streaming services, binge-watching, and on-demand content were concepts yet to revolutionize our viewing habits. Instead, we relied on scheduled programming and eagerly anticipated our favorite shows each week.

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