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RunJS is a JavaScript playground for macOS, Windows, and Linux. It discusses what RunJS is and why developers find it useful.

Let's break down the key features that make RunJS stand out for developers:

  • Experiment with modern JavaScript: RunJS allows you to write modern JavaScript using Babel and TypeScript. This means you can use the latest features of JavaScript without worrying about compatibility issues.
  • Node.js and Browser API access: Standard REPLs and Chrome consoles don't provide access to Node.js and Browser APIs. RunJS fills this gap by giving you access to these essential APIs, allowing you to experiment with more complex code.
  • Multiple tabs and other developer-friendly features: RunJS offers multiple tabs, autocomplete, snippets, type checking, hover info, environment variables, and extra themes. These features make it a more efficient and enjoyable environment for developers to work in.

Overall, RunJS seems like a useful tool for developers who want to quickly test and experiment with JavaScript code. It provides a feature-rich environment that makes it easy to write modern JavaScript code and experiment with Node.js and Browser APIs.

Website Description

Explore and experiment with JavaScript and TypeScript, visualise your ideas and get instant feedback as you type.

Exploring JavaScript has never been easier. Live feedback as you type, with per-line results makes it super clear what your code is doing.

With RunJS you have access to Node.js and Browser APIs, including full DOM access. This gives you a level of versatility that's not possible in a standard REPL or Chrome console.

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