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National Day

Find Out What Holiday it Is Today!

Have you ever wondered what "Holiday" is it today? We all know the major holidays, but what about the little ones? When is National Pizza Day? How about National Coffee Day?

National Day makes it easy and let's you know what's special about today.

This is a great ice breaker for conversations.

Website Description

What if every week's happy hour revolved around a theme? As the world's fastest-growing viral marketing agency, we were already leveraging a buzzworthy holiday on the cultural calendar for our clients. We had crafted stories around Budweiser for National Drink Beer Day. We spread the word about Del Monte's iconic green bean casserole for Thanksgiving. And we were hot on the trail of some viral holidays for Meow Mix, Smuckers, Milk-Bone, Mercedes and Dr. Pepper.

Why were we using these holidays for our clients but not celebrating them ourselves - and why were we not spreading the love to all?

And so it was decided.

In spare moments in between pitching stories and scheduling interviews for clients, we built a beautiful website to share everything we were learning about these delightful daily holidays.

National Today



I will highlight a fun Internet site every Saturday. The basic premise is to highlight sites that I regularly visit for a variety of reasons. All site recommendations are mine and are unsponsored. By highlighting these websites, I hope to provide value to those who may not know of the sites or who might be interested in visiting the sites. I also want to share the sites that I find valuable in the hopes that others will find them just as beneficial.


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