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IBM and Philips Commercials

Classic Commercials from 2000s

This week's Media Monday features three classic commercials from the 2000s:

Ruffles Potato Chips: This commercial features a neighbor borrowing a cup of sugar from another neighbor, and then asking for a toothbrush and hair dryer as well. The punchline is that the neighbor is only asking for these things because the chips are flavored with the new Ruffles barbecue and cheddar flavor, which is so good that you can't help but want more.

IBM: This commercial features two business executives discussing how their companies have both made huge strides in e-commerce. They talk about web-based order tracking, customer data analysis, and ERP integration. The commercial ends with the tagline "Confused about e-business? Don't be. Get the software, services, and partners that make it easier."

Philips CD Recorder: This commercial features a pet lover quickly burning his own CDs with a Philips CD recorder for the pet parrot. The commercial emphasizes the ease of use of the recorder, and the fact that it allows you to create your own custom CDs with your favorite music.

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