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Talknet: Sally Jessy Raphael Radio Show

Rebroadcast of the 1986 Show

Radio Talknet, hosted by Sally Jessy Raphael, was a popular radio show in the 1980s. Broadcasting across the United States, Raphael's show was well-known for its engaging conversations and discussions on a wide range of topics. In this blog post, we'll look back at the legacy of Sally Jessy Raphael and her show, Radio Talknet, in 1986.

The Rise of Sally Jessy Raphael

Sally Jessy Raphael was a pioneer in the talk show industry. She began her career in radio broadcasting in the 1960s and then transitioned to television in the 1980s. Her show, The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, became one of the most successful daytime talk shows in the 1990s. However, before her television career took off, Raphael was already making waves in the radio world with her show, Radio Talknet.

Inside Radio Talknet 1986

In 1986, Radio Talknet was in its fourth year of broadcasting. The show was known for its unique format, which allowed listeners to call in and participate in the discussion. Raphael covered a wide range of topics, from politics to relationships, and everything in between. Her show was a platform for people to have meaningful conversations about issues that were important to them.

One of the most memorable moments from Radio Talknet in 1986 was when Raphael hosted a discussion on the topic of sexual harassment. This was a groundbreaking topic for the time, and Raphael's show provided a safe space for listeners to share their stories and experiences.

Sample Show Clip

This is a nine-minute clip of Sally helping some get their life back on track.

Hi, and welcome. My name is Sally, Jesse Raphael, Happy chilly season to you. Welcome to Talk Net. What you're listening to is America's first coast-to-coast advice program on the air. And what we have here is an hour of people helping each other out of general, all-purpose sharing. And if this is something new to you, then all we ask is if you could give us a little taste test.

The way we talk to each other is through the electric telephone, and we have a toll-free number 1-800-223-4114. We're gonna ask you not to. A call, cuz right now we don't want you to waste your time. We're all loaded up and ready to go. We talk about love and romance, jobs and careers and lifestyle.

I'm Sally, Jesse Raphael, welcome to Talk Next. Okay, we have let me mention that again because I know how frustrating it is. If you're sitting there and you've got your hand on the dial and you're saying What is happening to her? All those lines are busy. So we will let you know. This is something that we've all.

Set up and we're set and ready to go. However, I must tell you that when you do call Dick Brennan will be answering the telephone. Michael Friedman is our engineer.

Sally Jessy Raphael's Legacy

Sally Jessy Raphael's impact on the radio and television industry cannot be overstated. She paved the way for other talk show hosts, and her unique style of broadcasting inspired a generation of listeners. Radio Talknet was a testament to her talent and passion for creating engaging content that resonated with people.


Sally Jessy Raphael and Radio Talknet 1986 will always be remembered as a pivotal moment in the history of talk radio. Raphael's show was a voice for the voiceless and a platform for people to have important conversations. Today, we can look back and appreciate the legacy of Sally Jessy Raphael and the impact she had on the world of broadcasting.



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