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Chemical People 1983 TV Movie

Magic-Man Skit

Chemical People was a two-part TV program examining the scope of drug and alcohol abuse among schoolchildren. The show aired on November 2, 1983.

Viewers learn how to spot which children are taking drugs and where to ship them for rehabilitation. Featured Nancy Reagan and Bruce Weitz, Chemical People provides an in-depth look at this growing epidemic, while also providing solutions for parents, educators, and children alike.

Bruce Weitz Skit

One of the memorable moments of the show was the "Magic Man" skit on the show. Here is the skit from my video collection:

Memorable Quotes

Some memorable quotes from the skit:

  • The lady won't fly with a dude that's dry
  • If you don't go ape over the Grape
  • Pale Ale
  • Without the suds your all duds
  • Hey, a little heavy breathingg never hurt anybody
  • This isn't any herb jack... all weed no seed
  • Who's hot for some super pot
  • Hey now, just thing thing for those all nighters when its exam time.
  • Hey now, Cocaine running all around my brain.
  • Plus they are extremely addictive



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