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Neighbor Tree Removal

Timelapse of Neighbor Trees

Inspired by the beautiful sky last week, I grabbed my GoPro Hero 9 to capture a time-lapse as our neighbors had some trees removed. The compressed video condensed the felling and shredding of two trees into a short, captivating sequence. The vibrant colors of the sky added a unique backdrop to the powerful act of transforming the trees into mulch.

GoPro Timelapse Stats

Resolution: 1080p
Lens: Linear
Format: Video
Interval: 0.5s
Schedule Capture: Off
Duration: No Limit
Timer: Off
Zoom: 1.0x
Bit Rate: Standard
EV Comp: 0
White Balance: Auto
ISO Min: 100
ISO Max: 1600
Sharpness: High
Color: GoPro



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