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Palmco Energy

Palmco Energy Phone Calls

Palmco Power keeps calling me via (888) 269-7397 and (978) 523-1013. They are trying to get me to switch the energy supplier to Palmco.

Their high-pressure sales tactics haven't convinced me to switch. I never give them any account information.

For a while I thought it was Tomco that was calling, a London based energy provider. A caller did clarify the correct name.

Voters Wanted this Change

In 2005, Massachusetts voters approved deregulation of energy sources. Consumers now have the choice to where their electricity company should get the energy for their home.

Read up on the Massachusetts Energy Deregulation.

All Fun and Games until you do the Math

They claim to have the lowest price, but data from Eversource says they are one of the most expensive energy providers.

As of today, NStar/Eversource default cost is $12.888 (cents/kWh). So if you do nothing that is how much it will cost you. It's a good base number to understand.

Palmco says it can provide cheaper energy - it does for about a month. When you go to their site, you see a nice promotion for 10.100 (cents/kW)

However if you go to page two, the story changes a bit. That 10.100 (cents/kW) was a teaser rate. The second month it jumps to 13.9 (cents/kWh). Now you're paying more for energy than the standard rate.

Palmco Energy

While there's no cancellation fee, they are probably hoping that most new customers will forget about the switch.

Now you ended up paying more for no reason. So why would you switch?

One More Thing

On the call, you might be asked to give your Electric Provider account information - don't do it. They may use the information to switch your account over the phone.

Think it won't happen? MCI did this is the 1980s. A market firm, acting on MIC behalf, changed the long distance provider of thousands of customers without them knowing. (Read up on that story.)

Cold Calling

Next time PalmCo calls you, tell them:

Thanks for letting me know about the deregulation. I'll do some research and if you're the best option, I'll certainly switch. (Click)

Oh if they call back - and they will...

We did our research and made our choice. (Click)

If you still get callbacks...

Is this xxx? (Any Company that bothering you - might be a different energy provider.)

Well.... my neighbor switched last month and since the switch, they had nothing but horror stories about the whole process. So no thank you! (Click)



Guest They are relentless and a scam
Jill Calls twice a day, every day. Will not leave a message. When I answered found out it is a scam to change your electric service. Told them never call again or I will sue for harassment.
Guest Calls everyday literally. Trying to tap into my utilities as well. Annoying
Russianchica105 Wow no clue about this number I just have received recently and it says from Palcolm Energy so meaning what? Clarify them for me please? :) thanks! GM

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