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2001 Commercials

Some Classic Commercials from my VHS collection.

This week's feature is a collection of commercials from May 2001 from San Francisco California. These classic commercials are a reminder of how young the internet was.

Hard to believe that these commercials will be 21 years old this year. (That's like watching commercials from the 1980s in 2001.)

Commercial Listings

  • Kristi Yamaguchi promoting K101
  • California Department of Health Services - Stop smoking campaign
  • Pacific Bell - 'What's up with all these companies that aren't focused on customers'?
  • Jack in the Box - Play of the Day with the Triple Ultimate Cheeseburger.
  • Mitsubishi 'Wake up and Drive' - Catchy tune commercial featuring 'Start the Commotion.' The commercial caused the song to reach the top 40 in the USA in 2001 - four years after it was released.
  • Toyota Corolla featuring Steve Young - Not sure why, San Francisco Quarterback, Steve Young was featured in these commercials. Does anyone think that he actually drives a Toyota Corrolla in real life?
  • Real Cheese with a cameo by Bob Dole - A fictional presidential candidate mistakes says he doesn't like cheese. So what does Bob Dole think about this?
  • - Introducing the ability to have the entire financial world at your fingertips. The company closed in 2004.
  • - Why aren't people going to your website to buy?
  • Gateway Country Store - Just as Apple was about to open its first store in Tysons Corner, Virginia, Gateway started promoting its stores on major TV networks. Apple never really considered them a competitor.
  • Mother's Cookies - Commercial that features people that have worked at the company for a long time. I wonder how many of those people featured are still working there today?



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