December 30, 2020

Best Final Cut Pro Blog Post

I learned a lot of cool things with Final Cut Pro. Here are 7 Blog post that I think are working checking again:

Final Cut Blog Desktop
Final Cut Blog Mobile

Best Final Cut Pro Posts

Logic Pro Effects in Final Cut Pro - (December 15) Description of each Logic Audio Effect in Final Cut Pro

Blade Tool Tricks - (November 24) Learn how to quickly cut multiple tracks

Transparent Background in PowerPoint - (October 20) How to make the background in Powerpoint transparent for Final Cut Pro. You can then use the Powerpoint movie in any Final Cut Pro project.

Trim Start and End - (October 13) Cool Shortcut to quickly cut out a clip from a certain point.

Adding Favorites Folders to Import - (September 15) Add your favorite folder to the Import dialog sidebar. This makes it easy to navigate to common folders.

Slow Motion Video - (September 8) Using the iPhone Slo-Mo videos in Final Cut Projects

Getting Live Photos - (August 18) How to get the Movies from Live Photos taken with the iPhone.


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