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Advanced Mac Cleaner (Fake)

Watch out for Websites that tell you have a virus installed

If your browsing the Internet and encounter a notification that your computer has a virus. Stop and think, and don't click 'Scan Now.'

Apple Virus

Couple of Notes

  • Currently there's no way a browser can detect that your computer has a virus - it would be a browser/OS security violation.
  • The Website appears that your on Apple's website - which your not.
  • The url is disguised to make it appear that your on Apple's website.
  • Report any suspected website to the Google Safe Browsing website so others will not make the mistake.

The best advice I can give is to make sure that your browser is updated and you have the latest OS update. That should fix 90% of all possible virus and spyware.

Uninstall the Fake Advanced Mac Cleaner

Should you have accidentally installed the software, here's the simple solution to successfully uninstalling the virus off your computer:

The Real Advance Mac Cleaner

You can download the real Advanced Mac Cleaner from

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