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House of Blues

Company Holiday Party notes from Bostons House of Blues

This year our company annual Holiday party was at the House of Blues, which is directly across Fenway Park.

Quick Facts about the House of Blues

  • First House of Blues Opened in Harvard Square on November 23, 1992
  • Maximum Capacity was 150 people
  • Closed in September 2003 as the popular chain was looking for a new location to handle larger audiences.
  • The current location opened on February 20, 2009 (First Act: Gipsy Kings).
  • The Maximum capacity of the current Boston's House of Blues is 2,500 people

House Blues

Nine things I learned at the House of Blues

We had a company party last night, we reserved the entire venue. Here are some notes about the event specific to it being hosted at the House of Blues:

  • Nothing like seeing the company name in bright lights on the stage. It was a great backdrop for photo opportunities.
  • Load Music - The music was loud no matter where you were in the main room. The only place that was fairly quiet was the restrooms and the area by the coat check in.
  • Coat Check - In order to check your coat, you have to enter your cell phone number. To pick up your coat you show them the text message - which has the hanger number. ( The actually take a picture of your jacket. )
  • If you need to check a coat, Don't arrive on time, either arrive early or a few minutes late. The coat checking process takes a few minutes and the line will quickly back up as people arrive.
  • The food was plenty and good! There were lots of appetizers going around. Most people didn't know that dinner was coming out shortly and some told me they were stuff from the appetizers. I liked the sliders and the ribs.
  • There was only one beer that was available on tap, everything else was in cans. They had bars going on both sides of the stage. There was another bar stand in the back but it wasn't open.
  • There was a second floor, so if your company has a lot of people it's an option. Maybe we'll need it next year? The first floor seems plenty for about 300 people. We weren't crowded.
  • There were a lot of employees working at the House of Blues. Trash cans were available everywhere and were never full.
  • The bathrooms were nice and clean. I thought it was a bit odd that the bathroom near the coat rack was much larger than the ones in the main hall.



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