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Disease: When It Strikes & How You Can Help Others


Perhaps a close family member or friend of yours has recently visited their family doctor, and returned with a rather concerned look on his or her face. Going to the doctor can sometimes be an experience that is rather frightening for some, because of the unexpected results that can come from discussions from your doctor. Just remember, it is your doctor's obligatory duty to prepare and inform you of the worst possible situation for any type of condition you may be experiencing.

Because of this, many avoid going to the doctor all together. Some may feel as though they are already juggling enough in their daily lives, and do not want to concern themselves with negative results their doctor may provide. For others, a lack of time or concern is another reason they may not visit the doctor. Your health is your number one backbone, and without it, you would not be able to function properly. Taking time out of your day, to go visit your doctor and receive regular checkups is vital for your routine maintenance for your body.

How You Can Help When Bad News Strikes

It may have started off as a regular checkup. A woman goes and visits her primary care facility, and finds that she has an irregular lump under her skin. The doctor may have scared her into believing that there is a high risk that the area is cancerous, and she should keep immediate care from a cancer facility.

Whether or not the bump is cancerous will only be able to be determined by a specialist who deals with cancer and tumors. A primary care doctor can only provide advice on what they may think the cause of the raised area is from, but they cannot properly diagnose the situation without receiving a body scan.

As a friend or family member to the individual dealing with such circumstances, there are plenty of things that you can do to assist with the process. Depending on how the individual reacts to news will determine how you need to treat the situation. Some people may become easily devastated, and shut down. In this situation, you need to act as the support structure that helps them to get through the situation. Do some research, and help them get to their next step in the process. Research cancer facilities and help them locate the best possible care facility in their area. Extensively research doctors and review their ratings and what others have to say about their level of treatment.

Furthermore, you may have an individual who takes the situation lightly, and does not concern him/herself with the seriousness of what the doctor may have determined. In this situation, you need to be the leader that discusses the importance of the situation, and offers aid and assistance for them. You need to be persuasive with your actions, and develop a plan where you can quickly inform them of the seriousness of the issues at hand, and how they should proceed. Though the doctor may have stressed this during his/her initial visit, reinforcement from friends and family members will help to reiterate the consequences of avoiding treatment for the issues at hand.

Why It's Important To Show Support

As an individual who may have recently received bad news from their doctor, it's easy to feel down upon yourself, and become frustrated. For the individual dealing with the situation, there may be outside events taking place in his/her life that are already stressful enough, and they may feel as though they cannot handle any additional negative news or events. Furthermore, the individual may feel as though they are already unlucky, and when devastation may strike, they may give up easily.

As a family member or friend, it's always important to be there for those whom you care for. Just put yourself in the shoes of your peers, and think about how you would seek their support when they are in need of assistance.



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