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Sam Adams Donation Pickup

Sam Adams Brewery supports the local community. Whenever they encounter a worthwhile charitable organization, they will donate some beer to the organization to be used at their charitable event.

If your in charge of the beer donation pickup, here's some general information that will make pickup easier.

Obviously before you go, make sure to have enough room in the vehicle for the boxes. Each box holds 24 bottles of Sam Adams Beer.

Next to the Sam Adams tour center is a business office, and just outside of the office is a small white sign with the following text:

Looking to pick up a beer donation?

Continue to drive around the building past the main entrance and make three left turns. You will see a big red warehouse. Pull into the parking lot and knock on the door next to the loading dock. Someone will be there to help you! The address for the GPS is: 187 Boylston Street, Jamaica Plain MA 02130.

So set your GPS to 187 Boylston Street, Jamaica Plain MA 02130 and not 30 Germania St, Boston MA 02130. ( A number of streets around Sam Adams are one way, make sure to pay attention to where your going as you get closer to the brewery.)

Donation Pickup

When you arrive at the big red warehouse, you will need to find a spot to park. Park near the far left. (See the map above)

The sign says, "knock on the door next to the loading dock" - problem is that there's two doors next to the loading dock. You should knock on the door to the right, here's a picture of the door. There is a call box next to the door, I decided it didn't hurt to push the 'ring' button.

When the door opens, the person inside will ask for the organization that you are picking up for.

After they verify your organization, you will have to sign two forms, and you keep one for your organization records.

The person that opened the door will help load the cases in your vehicle. They have a dolly that will bring the cases to your car, so you don't have to park too close to the door.

Thanks Sam Adams!

Thank you Sam Adams for your donation! We appreciate your contribution to the community!



Eric Interested in a beer donation for a fundraiser, how do I go about applying for a donation? thank you, Eric

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