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Balloons at Wegmans

The nearest Wegmans to our house is about 20 minutes away in Westborough, Massachusetts. To put it in perspective, we have to drive by two Stop and Shops just to get to Wegmans. The fact that we are going out of our way to shop at Wegmans should immediately tell you it must be a special place.

We like the food selection and prices are very reasonable. In addition, they have a large well stocked gluten free selection.

Wegmans Slogan

My 5 year old daughter likes shopping here because she knows that she gets a special surprise if she is really good while we are at the store.

That's the topic of today's post:

Did you know that you can get a single blow up balloon at Wegmans?

Wegman will actually blow up one balloon any time that you need one. While I am sure other stores offer similar services, the service people at Wegman makes it a pleasant experience. Every time we ask for a balloon they interact with my daughter. They don't grunt or complain about taking time out of their tasks to blow up a single balloon.

Wegmans has a great color selection with matching strings giving my daughter the power to pick a color - kids like having to make their own choices. Sometimes she surprise me and get a pink balloon with a purple string, because that what she felt like doing on that day.

Most times when we go there's nobody at the balloon stand, so we have to push a notification button. Actually, it's my daughter that gets to push the button, she likes to have that responsibility.

Next time you're at Wegmans, ask for the Balloon booth and treat your child with an extra special balloon. Incidental they aren't free, they cost .99 - which is not a bad price to pay for some well behave time.

It gets my daughter to be excited to go shopping and behave herself to get a nice treat.

What works for you?



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