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JP Morgan Corporate Challenge - Boston

It's game time.

This week I signed up for my 4th JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in Boston. This is an annual fundraiser that challenges people to run a 5k in Boston's Back bay to support a needy charity. This year's charity hasn't been announced yet.

2015 Running

I did very well last year, and on the train going home, I wrote down some advice on how I could do much better in 2016.

  • Walked more than I should have
  • Stay focus much of the race by watching the people in front of me
  • Music was good Didn't pay much attention to what was playing
  • Smoothie for lunch was good idea, just get the 16oz
  • Yogurt for breakfast was good, I didn't feel the need to snack
  • No drink after 3pm was good
  • First walk/slow down was at 2.5 mile mark
  • I didn't use the gator boost
  • No water stops but in the future I should stay clear from them to prevent cross traffic. Water tables were on the grass side of commonwealth ave
  • Kept looking for WordStream runners to see who I could pass
  • Didn't feel that I hit the wall but was tired at the 2.5 mark as expected
  • The Sprint at the end was awesome, I probably should have started earlier. Probably best to measure the last section to figure out where the Sprint should start.

What I should do Differently in 2016

  • Longer practice runs
  • Learn more on the fast-slow-run style, it worked for others
  • My start is where I had the worst time. I'll need to work on having a faster start
  • Better warm up, before the race, I saw several teams were running around.

This year I'll be running the race in the same kind of Alias shoes. Who says you need to spend a couple of hundred dollars to have a good race.



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