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MapMyRun No Cellular Coverage

Using the iPhone 5 with no Cellular and MapMyRun+

Can you still use MapMyRun+ with an old iPhone that no longer has cellular enable?

The answer is yes, MapMyRun will still record your activity, but what you won't get it a nice map route of your run. You will still get the speed and duration of your run. Many cases, this is the most important part of tracking your workout.

Here's a screenshot of a walk I did to Dunkin Donuts in 2016:

Map My Run G P S

So if you don't care about people knowing where you run/walk then, by all means, use you non-cellular phone with your workout. But, if you like to track your running territory then use your current iPhone.

This is good to know if you upgraded to a bigger phone and want to take an iPhone 4 or 5 out running.

I'll have to look for a decent iPhone Plus holder for my future runs.



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