December 13, 2015

Utilitech Digital Timer

There's a trick to get the Digital Timer from Utilitech to work. This trick works for the Model #TM-108, but is probably true if you're using any Utilitech Digital Timer.

Key thing to get the timer to work for the first time is to make sure that the timer start time isn't before the current time. Basically, you want to follow the directions and make sure that the start time is in the future.

Utilitech Timer TM-108

If you don't do this, when you set the timer you will have to wait 24 hours to make sure that it works.

When I initially set this up, I expected that the outside lights to be working since the start time have passed. For a moment, I thought that the timer was defective. The next day, I reset the timer to the exact time and waited 20 minutes to see the light went on. That's when I realized what happened.

So just remember to set the timer to go on later than the current time.


Scott Sater I'm using this timer to bring in a 1 hour cycle timer for a mist bed. it simply plugs into the bottom of the TM 108. It operates 30 seconds every one hour this timer is on...which is 8am to 6pm. daily. It is now 12:24pm Sat. 8-12-17. I have tried programming it by day and by weekly...and I cannot get it to come off of the off cycle. I have even tried to set all 8 programs to 8am on and 6pm off...I will wait again for 8 am cycle to start on Sunday and see what occurs...I think I have been there... Any ideas would be appreciated. - August 12, 2017.
DuhName DUDE! You're a freaking genius! Thanks for the post. - December 1, 2016.

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