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College Grads: What you should consider when selecting a job

Your in your early twenties, and you just graduated college. You are probably full of excitement, and happiness, but at the same time you might be feeling a bit of anxiety and uncertainty to what the future will hold. You should feel excited because the opportunities that await your future endeavors are limitless. As a recent college graduate, you are equipped with the most up to date tools and information from your studies and college experience. You might not have hands-on experience like others competing for the same occupation do, but you do have the freshest knowledge when it comes to bookwork and knowledge.

Graduating college may make you feel like you have no limits, but at the same time, you may feel uncertainty and a small level of uncomfort because you are unclear where you may end up in the future. The feelings of discomfort are all very common, and should pass when you begin searching for your first job. Landing your first interview will help you to feel more confident in your ability to compete with others within the job market. But, there are other factors we should consider.

Selecting the correct occupation

Even though you may have selected a field to enter into through your past four years of studying, doesn't mean you are bound to that specific area. In fact, many college graduates quickly find out that they're interests have changed, and they end up applying for jobs that seem more appealing through their searches. Most employers today do not specifically look at your degree, but they focus more on how well they think you could handle the day to day duties that come alongside the position they are offering.

Don't be so hard on yourself- if you find a more appealing position to apply to that differs from your current path, feel free to apply. Having a college degree already differentiates you from others competing for the same entry level position you are applying for. Additionally, you shouldn't become discouraged if you are not able to find the correct occupation suited for your interests upon your initial search. Selecting the correct occupation takes time and effort- something that comes alongside being diligent in your search and always putting your best foot forward.

Remembering Safety

A lot of times recent college graduates do not stop to consider the safety implications that come along with different prospective career options. Generally, grads will focus on interest level and starting salary when determining the best fit for their occupation. Interest level is one of the most important things to consider when selecting a career option, followed by the aspect of being able to support yourself if you are selected as a candidate for the position. Both are extremely important, notable features of careers you are evaluating for their ability to suit your needs.

One aspect almost all graduates overlook is safety. How safe is the job I am applying for? Do your research and investigate others who may have experienced an injury while on the job. You might be surprised at what you find. Generally, more physical jobs experience injury at higher rates than jobs where less physical activity is required. Roofers and construction workers are among the highest to experience similar situations while at work. Other occupations, such as truck and delivery drivers frequently experience serious consequences related to bodily harm. Most notable, males generally take up much of the employment sector of these occupations and are much more likely to be affected by these trends. A great question to ask yourself would be- Is the associated danger worth the salary or pay amount? For some, it may be yes, but for others, this may require more thinking and analysis into the trends.

Making A Decision

As most college graduates will find, there is a multitude of decisions that must be made when it comes to selecting the correct career option for their needs. Salary, time away from home, education level, and general interest in the position are the most commonly evaluated aspects of a new career. Safety should be a larger-scale factor that is addressed when considering a career option, and can many times easily be overlooked. If you are a recent college grad, step back and ask yourself what is more important to a new career. Make a checklist and carefully consider the duties that come along with occupations in which you are applying for.



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