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Thinking and Running

What do you think about when your running?

Today's blog posting comes from me wondering what other runners are thinking when they are hitting the pavement. What keeps you focus on having a good run.

If you Google "What do you think about when your running?" You'll come up with some very creative stories and ideas. Some are good practical and others just plain silly. There is a funny bit on BuzzFeed, and some serious ones by real runners posted on Reddit.

I usually think about the current playing song that is on my playlist. I usually have it pretty loud because I want some good beat to run to. Sometimes I'll play a podcast so that I can completely loose focus of my run. I have found that having a Podcast playing while using the Map My run app can be tricky. Also if it's not a great Podcast it could totally ruin your run. It's not likely that I'll stop and switch to a different show. My goal is to run and not spend time listening to running.

If you want to venture into listening to Podcast while running, try Every day is Saturday by Sam Crowley. Most of his Podcast are around 20 minutes and offer some great fuel for mind as you do your workout. You'll find his sense of humor and creativity perfect to help distract you from your run.

Motion Traxx offers an awesome music Podcast which features a range of beats to whatever BPM that you are targeting. This is a cheap way to find good music to run to. Plus most of its instrumental so you can have it as a background noise.

My trouble spot happens shortly after the 2 mile mark. Usually I'll be in the zone and have a good two mile run. Shortly after I get beyond the second mile I usually loose focus on my run and want to stop and walk a bit. I am thinking it's due to the lack of focus on my run and not pacing myself for a long run.

I am going to see if some of the advice on Reddit and pacing myself better for a good run. I'll focus more on the final destination and not on the journey.



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