December 18, 2013

Free Sand/Salt mix in Framingham

Residence of Framingham should take advantage of the free sand salt mixer available at the Recycling Drop-Off Center at 255 Mt. Wayte Avenue. You can find the sand pile next to the metal pile, just behind the recycle boxes area. (Ask at the guard shack when you arrive.) There is a shovel there to help put the sand in your container.

Use any size container and shovel in the sand salt mixer and keep it near your driveway or walkway. I recommend getting an empty paint bin and cover at Monnick Supply Company which is located at 759 Waverly Street near downtown Framingham. I believe it cost about $8 for the paint bin and cover. (This is cheaper than buying a bin that has salt in it.)

The only problem with the Monnick Supply paint bin is that it's pure white, which makes it a little challenging to find after a snow storm. However, it will be easy to identify the bin use in the off season. We keep a solo cup in the bin and scoop out the mixture when we need it. You may need a plastic shovel or screwdriver to break up the sand as the weather gets colder.

The mixture has come in handy several times so far this short winter season.

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