June 18, 2013

Unscheduled Downtime


The website was down for 10 hours yesterday due to a hard drive failure. The site came back online around 6pm with no loss of data.

I recently backed up the entire website, so I wasn't too worried about data lost. If you host a Blog or Website, make sure that you perform regular back ups. Don't rely on your hosting provider, as their last back up might miss some valuable data.

June 18, 2013

Verizon Upgrade Fee


I am a little confused by this text message I got this morning from Verizon:

Free VZW msg: Dear customer, we're pleased to reward you,
you've earned an upgrade: you qualify for a new smartphone!
Feel free to call 888-745-5774 or visit your local Verizon store to find out more!
2yr Agmt req'd. $30 upgrade fee will apply. Reply 'X' to stop msgs

Wait, What? A $30 upgrade fee? I am confused on what did I earn - The privilege to spend $30? Oh by the way, since I am no longer under any contract, I am fully free to select ANY provider and I am sure that AT&T won't charge me $30 to upgrade my phone.

So Verizon Wireless, why did you send me this text? and Why are you charging me an Upgrade Fee-

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