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Badluck Schleprock

If your looking for the negative character on the Flintstones call "slep rock" his real name is Badluck Schleprock. You can find some information on Wikipedia. I haven't found anything that actually shows what episodes that he appeared in.

I am blogging this because I had a hard time finding the character base on my search for "slep rock" and the name wasn't listed among the characters on the main Flintstone page on Wikipedia. My search found other people had the same problem spelling Schleprock's name.

Hope this posting helps someone else out! Poor Schleprock, stuck with a name that many people can't spell correctly.



GuestSchleprock apleased in pebbles and bambam, a spinoff if the flintstones. He was their high school friend.
Guest I swear he was in orig Flintstones.
Guest He looked diff, like Fred, only messy, hair hanging in face. Wasn't there a cloud over his head? He was like Eeyor, from Winnie the Pooh. "Oh well, life sucks."
he was in a Halloween episode his wife 's name is Creepella.
Guest S.R. Is not creepella's hubby!
Guest Thank you so much. I was telling my kids about him and couldn't find him.
Mopac Bad luck has followed me all my life. Growing up my grandma used to call me bad luck Schleprock LOL
Guest Wowzzy wowzzy woo woo
SylviaB1 I use the key words (the Flintstones bad luck character) and brought me here thanks to others search. I too thought he was from the old episodes and I remember he had lots hair covering his face and a green dress and a bowtide and the bone was on his hair. Do anyone remember this? Or is just me confuse with someone else.
LeftyD1I remember a cloud over his head? Wowzy, wowzy, whoo, whoo
LeftyD1found some images - look under bad luck schleprock memes. I remember him weary all black with dark rainy cloud over his head.

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