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Garage Parking Lines

At the MGH West Parc Office Building Garage in Waltham Massachusetts they did something very creative. To help people park center of their space, they extended the lines to the walls.

What a creative idea! The garage was a little challenging to drive around, but once I found a parking spot, I was able to easily center the car between the lines.

This simple idea probably have prevented many accidental dents when opening the car door because of not centering the car to the parking space.


402 982-0823

If you get a call from 402 982 0823 this is a credit card company. This is a credit card solicitation.

They just called my work number. It appears that they randomly call numbers since my work number is not published and is not something that I distribute out to any company.

They start the call off that they have been trying to reach you concerning lowering your credit card interest rate and that this is the last time they will be contacting you. The action item is that if you want to lower your rate press one, otherwise simply hang up. The way this is presented it appears that my credit card company is calling to let me know that my interest rates are going up. Very misleading.

If you get the call asked them why they called, they will say something like to "consolidate all your credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express - to as low as 10%." You should say, "Oh, well I don't qualify for the offer."

They will say, "sorry for calling you" and they will remove you from their "call list." Which obviously should not have happened in the first place.

Area code 402 is Omaha, Nebraska. The main banks in this city are: Mutual First Federal Credit Union, First National Bank of Omaha and Metro Credit Union.



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Who are they? Why do they keep calling me?


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