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Carpet Cleaning Robocall

Full Audio Clip of a Carpet Cleaning Robocall

Have you ever gotten a Robocall call offering a great deal to clean two rooms and a hallway for $69?

This is a sample of many calls that I have gotten about this great offer:

Five Things I Learned About this Carpet Deal

  • Called was spoofed to be a local number in the area. (Last four digits were randomly generated.)
  • In this call, the company switched from "All Green Carpet Cleaning" to "Clean Green Solutions." Which company is it?
  • Neither company is celebrating 20-years of service - so it's clearly neither.
  • The "deal" is for a room size with a maximum size 200 square feet. Oddly enough, The average bedroom in a home measures 219 square feet. (Taking account for master bedroom suites)
  • Weird that they are able to provide next day service and have plenty of openings.

Lots of red flags about this. Can't trust anyone spoofing a number and company name.

I picture this business is a "fly by night" opportunity. A couple of guys in a van going area to the area making a "quick buck." They outsource the marketing to a call center overseas to generate the leads in the particular marketplace they are working in.

Additional Resources

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Who are they? Why do they keep calling me?


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