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Blogging Ideas

If your are looking for a topic to blog about, here are at least ten ideas:

  • Find any productive websites recently?
  • Have you had good service at a store/resturant lately? Tell people about it!
  • What are your projections for next year? What new Technology will people be talking about?
  • Listen to talk radio and voice your opinion about the issue of the day.
  • What books are you reading now?
  • Read the latest Bills that the US Senate is considering.
  • Check out the latest Business PR Releases to see if there's anything worth commenting on.
  • Read a couple of Rec.Humor.Funny entries to get some ideas.
  • Use the Random article from Wikipedia to get a topic, or a Random News story from WikiNews for some news story.
  • Review some of your previous postings and add something new that you have learned since posting it.



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