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FedEx Experience

This morning I spent 30 minutes at FedEx waiting to pickup a package. Here's the whole story:

Yesterday, I got a FedEx Door tag that they attempted to deliver a package but needed a signature. So this morning, I decided to goto the FedEx center on my way to work.

I arrived at FedEx on 151 3rd Ave in Needham, MA at 8 am when they are scheduled to be opened. However the doors weren't open and I waited for about 3 minutes with someone else. Someone who worked at FedEx arrived and called inside to get the door open.

Finally the door opened and the lady let us inside. The other customer went over to the package counter to fill out some form for a package that she was going to send. I walked over to the other counter to give the lady my FedEx door tag. The lady that opened the door was opening the curtins and didn't pay any attention to the people that open the door.

When she finally took my order she said that she would have to go in the back to get the package. I said, 'Ok' and stepped a side. The lady then took the other customer order and then disappeared in the back to get my package. She came back and said that someone was looking for my package and they should have it in about 10 minutes. So I waited and waited.

After waiting for 20 minutes, the lady went into the back and came back and told that they were going to need another 10 minutes to locate my package. I decided at that point that it wasn't worth my time waiting.

I don't know why FedEx would think that customers were willing to wait 30 minutes for their packages. They are not. Some might if there's a long line, but waiting because FedEx is unable to find it in their own building- I guess FedEx is not efficient as they use to be.



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