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Central Parking at Logan Airport

Mass Pike Construction

Taking the Massachusetts Turnpike to Logan International Airport late at night might not be the best idea since that's when construction usually happen and parts of the highway is closed. I would suggest checking the website to see if there's any road closures. The road was closed this morning, and traffic was averted through the city. I avoid this by getting off at the Cambridge exit and taking Storrow Drive to the Sumner Tunnel.

I highly recomend this route since its very difficult to navigate through the city of Boston while looking for the 'Detour' signs to get back on the Mass Pike. You are much better using Storrow Drive when the Mass Pike is not an option.

Central Parking at Logan Airport

Travelers that plan to use Central parking and are taking United Airlines, CapeAir or Jet Blue, will be using Terminal 'C'. The best place to park for Terminal C is Level 4 rows L-M.

I notice this morning that there were a lot of parking spaces in rows 'L' because the row not easily seen when you drive by the Terminal 'C' section on the 4th Level. When driving around, look for row 'L', you may have to drive a little bit to find it.

Dulles to Washington

Getting from Dulles to downtown Washington DC doesn't have to cost a lot. In the past, I used to take a taxi and it would cost about $60 to get to the downtown DC. This is the "fastest" way from Dulles to downtown and also the most expensive.

The Blue Super Shuttle bus is another option and it cost about $35 to get downtown, The problem with the Blue Shuttle Bus is that it may take a while to get to your final destination because you are sharring the ride with other people. Its the cheapest direct route if you are not in hurry.

The Washington Flyer Bus will get you to the Falls Church Metro stop in about 20 minutes for only $9. You can find the Flyer Bus at the #4 door by the baggage claim. Be sure to purchase a round trip ticket at the airport! You'll save $2.

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