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Tylenol Travel Size


I have been doing lots of travel lately and was doing some shopping this morning for my trip next week to Washington DC. One of the items I was considering buying was Tylenol travel size because the container is small enough to fit in my Laptop bag.

However at $2.99 for only 10 caplets didn't seem to be the right Economic price. Since another Tylenol package right next to it was only $5.99 for 50 caplets. I decided to by the larger size and will be looking for a small container.

Why was I looking for Tylenol travel size? Pure Economics. At most airport news-stands they sell 2 caplets with a drinking cup for $2. In most hotels they sell a 24 count package for about $7.

I found that Excedrin Quicktabs to be a good alternative to put in my Laptop bag since I don't need water and I can carry what I need. However, since it contain caffeine its not a good choice to take at night if I can't sleep due to a headache.

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