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Record Cold in New England!


Hard to believe but it was -6.2 degrees this morning in Concord Mass. Today's cold weather has broken all records in New England. WBZ was reporting -10 at their studios in Newton. All the digital thermostats in Concord recorded record lows overnight.

I tried a trick that I saw on TV last night: I heated some water in a coffee mug for 4 minutes in the microwave and then went out side and threw the water in the air. About 80% of the water disappeared and the remaining about hit the ground. Its a pretty cool effect.

Over 330 schools in Massachusetts closed or had delay openings. Which is unheard of since this usually happens around a major snow storm. Most Superintendent of Schools didn't want their students to be waiting for the bus in the freezing temperatures. I would suspect that movie matinees will be crowded today. Expect big numbers for Disney's Teacher's Pet, which is the only G rated movie that opens today.

There is also talk of rolling black outs in New England! I was wondering what happened to former California Governor Gray Davis. The reason for the black outs is because the high amount of Natural Gas use to heat homes and business has caused some of the Natural Gas power plants to close. The power plant closures and the increase of power, due to the cold weather, has put a strain on the power grid. I don't think this will be a problem due to the large number of school closings.



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