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Ashland Massachusetts

Things to Do in Ashland

If you only think of New England when you come to the USA, you need to rethink. Visit Ashland, a small town in Massachusetts and explore its scenic beauty. The town has been attracting tourists for its natural splendor. People are becoming more conscious of nature's importance and its impact on our lives these days. The world is changing rapidly, and we need to be aware of our actions. Tourism helps people know about a place so that they can visit it, experience it, and appreciate its beauty. Curious about this beautiful town?

Historic Ashland

Here are the top 5 things to do in Ashland Massachusetts:

The beautiful Prospect Hill cemetery

One of the most famous cemeteries in the USA is Prospect Hill, located in Ashland, Massachusetts. The cemetery has over 6,500 graves. Many of the graves belong to Civil War soldiers. It is one of the largest cemeteries in Massachusetts and a great place to visit. It is open to the public as a park, and you can wander through the paths, reading the headstones, for a few hours. You can also visit the nearby "Clapp Park" where there are a few old cannons and enjoy the tranquility of the cemetery.

Ashland's Carnegie Library

Ashland's Carnegie Library was built by architect William Sprague in 1902, as a gift from the industrialist Andrew Carnegie in 1908. The library was built as a gift from Carnegie in 1908. There are many beautiful architectural elements in this elegant building. You can learn more about the history of the library in the museum, which is located inside the building. It is painted in pink and decorated with elaborate ceiling and wall designs. There are a few items related to the history of the town in the library, as well as a small gift shop with knick-knacks and souvenirs.

Drive along River Road and see the landscape

As part of your Ashland visit, you may want to explore the River Road. There are a few places you can stop along the path to enjoy the picturesque view of the landscape. The route is along the North River. You can take a drive along the route and take in the breathtaking landscape. A canoe can also be hired for a ride on the river, so you can take a stroll along the path and enjoy the scenery. You can experience the landscape in all seasons, but it is especially beautiful in the spring and fall, when the river flows with fresh water. The landscape during the winter is beautiful too, but the river is flowing very slowly. To get a different view of the landscape, you can visit the town during this time.

Walk on the trails of the Bear Hill Wildlife Sanctuary

There are around 100 species of birds at Bear Hill Wildlife Sanctuary in Ashland. It is home to birds such as the wood thrush, bluebird, woodpecker, and warbler. The sanctuary has trails where you can walk and see these beautiful creatures. You can also take a guided tour at the sanctuary. The tour is led by knowledgeable and trained professionals. A gift shop at the entrance offers food for the birds as well as other activities like hiking, birdwatching, and nature walks.

Visit the Blackstone Valley Visitor Center

Near the Ashland Town Hall is the Blackstone Valley Visitor Center. You can visit the center to know more about this place. The visitors center has a good collection of books and souvenirs related to the town and its history. Aside from these souvenirs, you can also buy audiovisual presentations and interactive displays to learn more about the history of this place and its inhabitants. The visitor center also offers guided tours of the town conducted by trained guides who are knowledgeable about the town.


The town of Ashland, Massachusetts offers a lot to visitors. You can spend a few hours here and explore nearby places. The town has interesting places to visit, and you can explore them on your own. You can also book a guided tour to learn more about the town's history. The top five things to do in Ashland Massachusetts are to explore its natural beauty and to experience a unique kind of adventure.



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