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Some tips and tricks around BBEdit's Navigation Bar

On top of the editing window is a small navigation bar. I usually ignore it. However, I thought I look into the features of the Navigation Bar and see if there's anything that might be useful for my use.

BBEdit Description

The navigation bar is a panel at the top of a text window that provides controls for selecting the active document and for moving to specific points with the current document. To hide the navigation bar, choose Hide Navigation Bar in the View menu, or turn off the Navigation Bar options in the Appearance preference panel.

Five Things I Learned about the Navigation Bar

You can simplify the items that appear in the Navigation Bar in the Preferences Panel -> Appearance. (For example, if you're not using the Functions pulldown menu, you can disable that.) Everything is enabled by default.

The Text Options icon, the gear icon, is a quick way to get access to common text settings. Items that are selected here only apply to the exiting editing window. If you want to make a change that impacts all open windows, use the Text Display menu (View -> Text Display)

The Counterparts option (square icon) is an easy way to navigate related files. One neat thing is that it will show similar text files in a directory. Simply click on the icon and you'll see files in the directory that the file is saved in.

The Markers functionality is a good way to manage a large document. If you're debugging a log file, you can set a Marker, continue scrolling, and easily get back to the placeholder. In 13.0, you can open up the Markers window (Go -> Markers) and see all the available markers in your current active document.

As of BBEdit 13.0.3, there are no "extra" advance features available for the Navigation Bar.



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