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Mort Sahl (YouTube Shorts)

The Presidency: The Wit and Wisdom (1986)

Mort Sahl, a trailblazing satirist, was known for his incisive commentary on politics, society, and current events. Armed with a rolled-up newspaper, he took to the stage and delivered extended improvised monologues that dissected the headlines of the day. His unique blend of stand-up comedy and political satire made him a true icon.

Comedy as Social Commentary

Sahl believed that comedy should emerge from opinion and challenge the established order. He lamented the cautiousness of many contemporary comedians, emphasizing that they should tackle weighty issues rather than merely discrediting individuals. In an era when the stakes are higher than ever, Sahl's words resonate: "Too much comedy today is vulgar, not clever."

The Presidency: The Wit and Wisdom

Here are a couple of YouTube Shorts from "The Presidency: The Wit and Wisdom" an event at the Gerald Ford Museum in 1986.

Might be best to watch on YouTube.



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