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Road Trip Timelapse to Falmouth, Maine

Quick ride to Falmouth, Maine

Today I took a trip to Falmouth, Maine from Framingham, Massachusetts. This road trip took 2 hr 12 min (134.8-mi) via I-95 N. I-95 is the main interstate highway that runs along the East Coast, connecting many major cities and towns. The trip from Framingham to Falmouth was a relatively quick drive since I-95 N is a direct route.

In order to record the journey, I used my GoPro Hero 9 camera. In order to power the GoPro for this leg of the trip, I connected it to a USB power brick, but I could have easily used the GoPro battery. The power brick allowed me to continuously record without having to worry about the battery dying.

The final timelapse was doubled in speed with the help of Final Cut Pro. By speeding up the footage, it helps compress the duration of the video, allowing for a longer video to be shown in a shorter amount of time. It also helps to give the video a more cinematic feel.

During the journey, I stopped at the first rest stop in Maine. I edited out that stop. The rest stop didn't add to the overall narrative of the journey and I wanted the video to be more concise. I felt that having the stop in the video would make it too long and detract from the story I wanted to tell.

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