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1999 Commercials

Sample of Commercials that Aired in 1999

This week's media feature is a collection of 1999 Commercials. These aired during the spring months on KRON TV in San Francisco California.


  • McDondalds - featuring Eddie the Echo. In this commercial spot, he doesn't have any lines.
  • KSFO - The morning talk show hosts Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan try to convince people to listen to their conservative morning show. They did have a great program!
  • The San Francisco Chronicle - this commercial spot featured Adair Lee and her writing style. This was a creative way to sell newspapers.
  • Prodigy Internet - This commercial featured the Prodigy Online service convincing people to switch away from America Online.
  • California Great America - A local commercial about the Great America Theme park in Santa Clara, California.
  • MCI Worldcom - Commercial features Michael Jordon with the looney tunes characters. This came about 2 years after the Space Jam movie.
  • 1800Collect - This commercial featured Steve Austin - who was at his peak winning the WWF Championship.
  • Saturn - This funny commercial promotes how college students can order a car delivered just like a pizza. The company would no longer exist ten years later.
  • ESPN SportsCenter - Featuring Mark McGwire giving up his winning 62 home run ball to Dan Patrick.

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