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Some Notes on the 2020 Magic Lights show at Foxborough

This past weekend we did the Magic Lights at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. We had a great time enjoying the lights and celebrating the Christmas season.

Here are some of my notes from that trip - hope it helps others have a great time! It's 2020, this is a safe way to enjoy the Christmas season.

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Eight Things I Learned

We found out that most people arrive as soon as the gate opens, you might want to wait for at least 45-mins to avoid the long traffic line.

Best way to get there is via Route 1 South. As the northbound traffic to the Magic Lights has to loop around to the event, this caused a longer backup than the northbound traffic.

The Christmas Music for Magic Lights is on 88.7 - but they don't sync to the presentation of the light, you can play your own Christmas Music.

Many kids were were enjoying the lights by standing up and looking through the sunroof.

The show was great! Drive slow to appreciate the decorations and selection. For example, we saw some lights that represented the 12-days of Christmas - I am sure they are all there.

There are two lanes that go through the whole light show. Both lanes appear to offer the same viewing experience. (We did see some lights out on various sides.)

Don't forget to turn off the headlights when driving around!

When you leave the exhibit you end up going south on Route 1.

This isn't a Disney ride, there are no gift shops at the end of Magic Lights.



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