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Mystery at the Breakers Mansion

Hidden Text in the Cornelius Vanderbilt painting?

This past weekend we took a tour of the Breaker's Mansion and the Marble House in Newport, RI. It was a fun tour to learn about the history of the two mansions.

After the trip, I looked at some photos and videos and I noticed something interesting in a video that I took at the Breaker's Mansion. There appears to be writing on the top of one the Vanderbilt paintings.

This is the first painting of Cornelius Vanderbilt II that you see on the tour, it's located near the famous staircase.

Watch the Video

Watch this video clip and see if you can see what appears to be some writing on the top left of the painting:

The video is good to watch because you can that the text outline only appears when you look at the painting from a certain angle.

Here's a screenshot of where to look for the writing in the video:

Mystery Text Painting Writing

What do you think? Was there writing on the painting or is it just some weird brush stroke pattern?



Guest Yes, you can definitely see some writing above the head on the top left; however, unable to read unless someone is standing at that angle.
Guest Oh yeah!!
Guest To clarify: It’s “The Breakers” (not the “Breaker’s”) in “Newport” (not “NewPort”) - and there isn’t writing in the painting, it’s just crackling on the surface due to age. I’m a local Newport historian. One other thing, it’s “Marble House,” not “the Marble House.” Let me know if you have any other questions about Newport’s Gilded Age history! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit!

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