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Just Throw Away Old Product Manuals

It's time to recycle printed manuals for products that you don't have anymore. Most product manuals are available online, but there may be times when you need a hard copy. If you've got a bunch of old product manuals lying around, it's time to recycle them!

Most municipalities offer free recycling services for paper products. All you have to do is gather up your old manuals and take them to the nearest recycling center. They'll be recycled into new paper products and help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills.

So next time you're cleaning out your office or garage, make sure to recycle those old product manuals!

Old Manuals

Things I Learned

I kept a bin of all the product manuals - every time we get one I would just place it in the bin. The only problem was the only time I open the bin was to add a new manual. I never really opened it to get a manual.

Most time when I need documentation on something, I just look online.

I might find the manual - or I would find a website/video on the feature that I am trying to find. Chances are that the website/video will explain the functionality better than a document would.

I can't believe how many manuals I had - many products that I don't have anymore.

I ended up tossing all the manuals that I had saved. There wasn't any point in keeping them. I wouldn't likely go to the paper manuals any time soon.

Take Action

If you keep manuals in a drawer or bin, spend a few minutes going through them. You may be surprised at what you still have.

There are a lot of good websites to find printed manuals. I would recommend visiting the manufacturer's website to get the most updated version. It's a good idea to keep a folder on your computer - just in case you want to have them available.

Most manufacturers will remove manuals once the product is officially discontinued. You'll still be able to find manuals on sites such as Don't forget to search YouTube as someone might have uploaded a video of the problem you're trying to solve.



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