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Predicative Beep

Just Hang up after the Predicative Beep

If you say Hello, and there is a pause, and then you hear a beep or a bloop or a click type of sound, and then a live agent responds, you were probably called by a predictive dialer.

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A predictive dialer is a computerized system that automates the process of making phone calls. It predicts how many agents are needed to handle the expected volume of incoming calls and then dials those numbers for agents to answer. Predictive dialers are often used by telemarketers, charities, and political campaigns to increase efficiency by automatically connecting potential callers with available representatives.

While predictive dialers can be an efficient way to connect with potential customers or donors, they can also be used as a scam tactic. Some scammers have programmed their predictive dialer software to make repeated calls in quick succession in the hopes of catching someone off guard who will then agree to whatever offer is being made. This type of scam call can be very frustrating for recipients who may not have time for multiple unsolicited phone calls in a row.

If you receive a call from what seems like a random number and it's using a predictive dialer, don't feel bad about hanging up! You're not obligated to listen or speak with anyone who has called you without prior consent. And if you're ever feeling harassed by these types of automated calls, remember that you can always report them to your local telephone service provider or the FTC's National Do Not Call Registry

Take Back Your Phone

Next time you hear the predictive dialer tone, simply hang up the phone. Don't engage in the call anymore. You are pretty safe to assume that the next voice you hear will be a scam or somebody trying to sell you something.

Just hang up. If millions of users did this then at some point the calls will go away.



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