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Cool Widget that I missed

In 2006, Apple introduced Dashboard as a new system-wide widget tool. With a push of a button, you could access widgets at any time. Popular Widgets include Stock Ticker, Weather, Calculator, and many more.

Developers were encouraged to create more widgets that people may find useful. One of my favorite widgets was the Idea Generator.

Idea Generator

Idea Generator

Idea Generator Backside

I really liked the idea generator because it was a quick way to fix writer's block. Simply spin the wheel to get a random phrase.

You could even add your own keywords in the backside. So if you are writing a blog for Google Ad Words, you can put in common terminology so they would appear I. The results.

Sure there are some websites that offer this feature today, but to have it in an instant - with a cool design was pretty neat.



Patsy Just visit Google
Berlyn What a helpful way to help generate ideas. This is useful for

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