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101,000 Image Collection

Image Collection not as valuable anymore

I was checking out some of my old CDs/DVDs collection, and I came across a CD Booklet that contains the CDs of the "101,000 Premium Image Collections."

All I have is the CD Booklet. There's supposed to be a large book that contains a preview of all the images.

I don't remember when I got this and how much I paid for the collection. If I had to guess it would be about $40. Maybe $25 if I purchased it at MacWorld.

This collection has three main parts, Clip Art Library, Photos, and Fonts. The most useful thing today has to be the font collection. The Clip Art and Photos are not as useful to me anymore. Websites like CreativeMarket and DepositPhotos have a lot more higher-quality clip art and photos. The nice thing about these sites is that you only pay for the clip art files that you'll use.

The MasterClips 101,000 Image Collection has a lot of files that I am not likely ever going to use. The CDs are no longer compatible with macOS. This is because the disks are formatted using "Mac OS Standard" format.

101000 Image Collection
Showing a Photo, Clip Art and the Bradley Hand Font.

Clip Art

Some Notes on the Clip Art Collection:

All clip art files are in EPS format (Encapsulated PostScript) I can open the files in Affinity Designer and Graphic Converter.

The EPS files are dated November 22, 1996. They were created by ImageMark Software Labs.

Inside the "Day and Date" folder are 572 icons many of which contain the same style with different days of the year. (This seems a clever way to increase the package image count)

I used Google's reverse image search and found sites that are using some of the clip arts. Some of the portraits are Russian women.


The photo collection is not so great in 2022. You would not want to go out of your way to get this collection for the images. You can find higher-quality images on Unsplash and other image-sharing sites.

The "high quality" images are 900x720 at 172 DPI.

Many of the photos seem out of focus or they appear to be cut off at a weird point.


There are 3 Font libraries in the collection and many of the fonts are still usable today:

  • 300 Hand Writing Fonts - 200 Available
  • 17000 TueType Fonts - 819 Available
  • Non-Style-Merged - 316 Available

My personal favorite is the "300 Hand Writing Fonts" collection. This is great when I need to have some text appear to be written by hand.

Using FontDoc, I can browse the directory and find the perfect style that fits my need.

To install it using macOS Monterey, I have to open up Font Book and then open the file from the application.



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