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Wolf Hollow

A Fascinating Journey into the World of Wolves

Wolf Hollow Sign

Nestled in the picturesque town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, lies a sanctuary that beckons both nature enthusiasts and curious souls alike. Wolf Hollow, also known as the North American Wolf Foundation, is more than just a place--it's an educational haven where the enigmatic world of wolves comes alive. Let's embark on a virtual tour of this remarkable facility and uncover some captivating facts about its public tours.

Mission and Purpose

Founded in 1988 by the late Paul C. Soffron, Wolf Hollow's mission remains steadfast: the preservation of wolves in their natural habitat through education and exposure. Today, Paul's son, Zee, continues his father's legacy, nurturing a space where wolves thrive and visitors learn.

Linnea Wolf2
Linnea relaxing in the sun.

The Gray Wolves

At Wolf Hollow, you'll encounter North American gray wolves--majestic creatures that evoke both awe and respect. These wolves are not mere exhibits; they are ambassadors for their species. Here are some intriguing details about the wolves you'll meet:

  1. Educational Tours: The heart of Wolf Hollow lies in its educational tours. Led by knowledgeable guides, visitors explore the wolf enclosures, each housing a unique story. As you walk alongside the enclosures, your guide will share fascinating facts about wolf behavior, pack dynamics, and individual personalities.

  2. Close Encounters: Imagine standing just feet away from a magnificent gray wolf! During the tour, you'll witness these creatures interacting with their pack-mates. Their movements, vocalizations, and social bonds unfold before your eyes. It's an experience that leaves an indelible mark.

  3. Threatened Species: Despite misconceptions, North American gray wolves remain a threatened species. Wolf Hollow aims to raise awareness about their vital role as keystone species in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. By observing the wolves up close, visitors gain insight into their lives and challenges.

  4. Pack Dynamics: Wolves live in intricate family structures, much like humans. Wolf Hollow provides a glimpse into their pack dynamics--the alpha, the nurturing parents, and the playful pups. It's a lesson in unity and survival.

  5. Evolution and Coexistence: Learn about the biology of wolves and their connection to modern dogs. Discover how humans and wolves have intertwined throughout history. As stewards of the environment, we hold the responsibility to protect these magnificent creatures.

Practical Details

  • Hours of Operation: Wolf Hollow requires advance reservations. Weather permitting, tours take place, but rain or extreme heat may alter schedules.
  • Face Masks: Optional during your visit.
  • Pets: Not allowed on the property.

Private Tours and Enrichment Presentations

  • Private Tours: Ideal for small groups (up to ten guests), private tours offer an intimate experience. Reserve a spot and delve deeper into the world of wolves.
  • Education and Enrichment Presentation: Witness pack dynamics firsthand. Observe our ambassador wolves interacting with our presenter. Limited availability during winter months.

Five Things That We Learned

We took a public tour in February 2024. Here are five things we learned about the tour at Wolf Hollow.

  • Tour check-in is at the gift shop where you'll wait for all tour members to arrive before heading outside to commence the tour. The gift shop offers a variety of items including nice t-shirts, books, and even Wolf fur in tiny jars, making for a unique gift idea for wolf enthusiasts.
  • The entirety of the tour takes place outdoors, with ample opportunities to sit and observe. Opting for the front row seating proves advantageous for capturing pictures at eye level, particularly when the wolves are resting. As the tour is conducted entirely outside, appropriate attire for the weather is advised. Additionally, the viewing pavilion provides cover in case of rain.
  • Guests do not directly interact with the wolves, as expected. Instead, tour guides engage with the wolves within their enclosure, sharing interesting facts about them. To enhance your tour experience, prepare some questions in advance, such as inquiries about wolf behavior during a full moon.
  • For photography enthusiasts, it's recommended to use a DSLR camera rather than relying solely on a smartphone, as the gates between you and the wolves may obstruct smartphone photos. For those seeking exceptional wolf photographs, there's an option to sign up for a one-hour photo session allowing for closer access to the enclosure (though still not direct contact with the wolves).
  • The tour consists of three stations. The first station is at the pavilion where you can observe the wolves while seated. Afterward, you'll walk approximately 30 feet to the next area where one of the older wolves resides. Finally, the tour culminates with a viewing of the Outback Pack 2, featuring Askulee and Gaia. After the tour is over you have some extra opportunity to talk to the tour guide around a fire.

Bonus Tip: Before you walk into the gift shop, you can hear the wolves howling!

Wolf Viewing Pavillion
Viewing Pavillion at Wolf Hollow. I recommend sitting in the front row.


As you leave Wolf Hollow, you'll carry more than memories--you'll carry a commitment to safeguard our planet's biodiversity. The wolves remind us that we are all interconnected, and their survival depends on our choices. So, join the pack--visit Wolf Hollow, listen to their howls, and become a part of their story.

Wolf Hollow is located at 114 Essex Road in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

For more information and to plan your visit, explore Wolf Hollow's website.



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