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Making a Picture Awesome

You can easily touch up a video to make it took better.

Check out this picture I took on my iPhone XS Max:

Cushing Park Framingham

Looks pretty cool.

The thing is, it didn't start that way. This picture is actually a clip from a 4K video. I extracted a scene then touched up the image - all on my iPhone XS Max - in less than 3-minutes.

Checkout the Original Video

Here's the original video on YouTube:

You can see the image in the YouTube preview. It looks dark and boring.

Steps to Create the Image

Here's how I got it to work:

  • I took a 4K (30fps) video using ProCamera. ( I could have used Apple's Camera app, but was playing around with 4k features in ProCamera.)
  • After the video completed, I open the video using the ProCam app and edited it. I then scrolled around looking for the best scene and extracted the clip out.
  • I opened up Camera Plus 2 editor and selected the image. I selected the Lab category and the Clarify Pro option.
  • I then played around with the Intensity and Vibrancy Boost until It looked good.

Some Notes

  • You don't need to have ProCamera, ProCam and Camera Plus 2 to make this work. They all have excellent image editing functionality.
  • The only 'must-have' app is ProCam, which I used to extract the clip from the video. The other apps don't have the ability to clip a scene from a video file.
  • ProCam Color enhancing is powerful but maybe intimidating for some users. Camera Plus 2 has some nice predefined filters to help get this to work.

What I learned

I learned that I can extract any image from a video and touch it up to look awesome. It was really easy to do It also gives me more flexibility to decide what is the perfect shot for the situation.



The iPhone XS Max is the most powerful iPhone Apple has ever made. I wanted to learn how to take the most advantage of the capabilities of the device and see how it so much better than my old iPhone 6s Plus.


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